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Carrying out a continuity test on the underfloor heating element requires a competent electrical contractor to check and sign off the works. 

Installing the matting for electrical underfloor heating can be carried out by a main contractor or a keen DIYer, but the final part of the process must be carried out by a qualified and registered electrician, as they will be adding the power supply, checking it for continuity and signing it off for building regulations. 
Before you embark on installation of the underfloor heating system there are a number of checks that will need to be carried out. 
Electrical underfloor heating is ideal for a retrofit as the system can be laid over an existing floor, rather than with a wet system the profile is minimal, making it a more popular choice for first-floor and above installations. Although the matting doesn’t require a qualified electrician, many customers do choose to use a competent electrician to install the full system, due to some of the specifications needed to correctly get the installation in place. 
1. Measuring up for an electrical underfloor heating system: If laying the system across multiple rooms or a large area, consideration should be given to your UFH Zones. Work out the areas around the edges of the rooms, most installers leave around 50mm. Consideration should also be given if installing in a kitchen, to leave clear the space for the main white goods and ovens etc. Remember once the matting is doing you will not be able to drill into the flooring. 
2. Installing over a timber floor or directly over concrete are both possible, but if installing over timber, you will need to lay plywood to make sure the underfloor heating doesn’t damage the floor and to provide a flat surface. If installing to a concrete floor as part of a renovation, it is advisable to add insulation to avoid downward heat loss. 
3. A big note of warning, if installing the underfloor heating system yourself, DO NOT CUT any of the wiring, only the mat or mash, tape or backing, NEVER cut any of the wires. 

Connecting to the power supply. 

If you have commissioned Danbro Electrical for the full installation of the underfloor heating system, as part of the works they will carry out, will be to carry out a continuous or resistance test using a multi-metre. This is to confirm the UFH is working before adding on any new layers of flooring. The team will also provide an appropriate electrical certificate after commissioning the system. 
The power supply, thermostat and controller are usually installed locally to the matting, with an RCD-protected circuit. 
Depending on the location, holes must be cut into both the wall and flooring to allow for cabling conduit. 
It is also advisable to have a qualified electrician install the probe, as the location is important. 
Final top tip on installation of underfloor hearing, once the system has been commissioned, gradually increase the temperature over a few days, this will allow for the flooring to fully dry and help to avoid any cracking of the cement or tiles. 
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