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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to have a portable appliance test carried out? ↓ 
We recommend you to get your portable appliances tested by a qualified Electrician, however the testing is not a legal requirement unless a licensing body.  
Schools, pubs & public places are required to carry out PAT to meet health & safety standards. Most domestic landlords are now testing the appliances they provide; microwaves, fridges, tumble dryers, washing machines, etc.  
If you want to minimize the risk of fire or injury to comply with the electricity at work regulations get in touch with us. 
How do electricians diagnose a fault? 
Electicians use a machine called an electrical testing device , these help to identify when there is an electrical fault in your home or commercial premises. At Danbro Electrical we use a brand called Fluke . All of our electicians have access to an Electrical testing device. 
How often do I need an electrical inspection? ↓ 
Every 5 years for rental properties or if there is a change of tenancy, whichever comes first. 
How much do you charge for an emergency call out? ↓ 
In normal working hours (8am - 4.30pm) £125 + VAT for the first hour. Out of normal working hours (4.30pm - 9pm) £150 + VAT for the first hour. This applies to Monday to Friday only) 
How do I know my home or business needs a rewire? ↓ 
There is no set guidelines or recommendations for rewiring your home or business premises. If you home or business is operating saftely and there are no signs of any electical issues, you dont need to replace your wiring just because it's old. The sort of things you should be looking out for are:  
Burn marks on plugs or sockets 
Sounds of arching (this can be a buzzing or a crackling) 
You might find there is a fuse thats blown or a circuit-breaker is tripping. 
Always contact a registered electrician if you have any concerns. 

Who we work with 

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